Sales Acceleration

Our 6P strategy to accelerate and

scale-up your sales.


57% of buyers say they are influenced in their decision by the seller's speed to respond. According to industry research answering incoming leads immediately will double your conversion rate. A norm-based, automated and streamlined process will enable your salespeople to act quickly and efficiently. Outsourcing the whole or parts of it might be a solution.





Following up can be exhausting but it's effective. You need to be persistent past the point you feel comfortable. Most salespeople give up after making two calls, make it six and you increase your revenue by 25%. Always remember to follow-up.





Prospecting is a critical part of sales acceleration. Leads are good but when sales source the lead themselves, it comes with a background. You know why they need to buy, you know their urgency and you'll get more motivated to solve their problem.





When you juggle hundreds of weekly tasks and activities you quickly see the value of a system or process to automate the high volume of activities, both for the organization as a whole and for each individual sales rep. Prioritizing is relative, what's important varies based on your norms and on each individual and their current performance.




It's crucial to keep your sales engine running at peak performance. This means that all of your organization need to give 110% not only some top individuals. Gamification can be used to keep teams/groups/individuals motivated and engaged. The risk is de-motivation if they don't succeed – keep the scoring right and mix it with real rewards as gold-stars are nice but not very useful when leaving the office.





The most important P. Industry research has found that 79% of top-performing sales organizations use a strictly enforced sales process. Everything needs to be part of a structured process to give control. Without a process, control is completely absent and speed without control is dangerous. We have developed a well-defined 7-step sales process which is the foundation on which sales acceleration is built.


A quick-fix is to examine your best individuals journey and replicating those behaviors and patterns again and again in your organization.