The affiliated business network

Our extended network is around the corner

Never underestimate the importance of a wide and extended network.  


Now, imagine it with a personal touch.


Your network is your work and you worked hard to get it. Now, you need to nurture it to keep the value of it. 


We have an affiliated business network who helps us to identify solutions and resources efficiently. The key members are involved because of their expertise in their companies practice and their industry experience but also because they bring personal value to our network. We call it our affiliated network.


When we need to reach out, we can do so with higher precision and quickly establish resources and solution partners that add extra value to our deliveries.

The advisory board.  


Nobody builds a great business alone.



Whether we are helping out in a start-up or an established industry leader, having access to high-quality advice will enhance your odds of success.


Our advisory board, composed by experienced entrepreneurs and top-level managers, provide recommendations and direction based on true experience. They serve with superior corporate guidance in creating a blueprint for our execution.


They are represented by experience from a diverse range of industries and they have one thing in common, -they have all done it before!