Problems moving the sales process forward? 


Most likely, you didn't define your added value good enough. Did you calculate your offered benefits or presented the impact you deliver through realized metrics?  


You need to understand your customer's bottlenecks, how much they cost and describe how you solve them. But also by quantifying your benefits and present a financial specification that solves their problems through a business case.


Your prospects will bring things forward when they realize what it costs NOT to.


LocalOffice offers shortened time to market through SPO (Sales Process Outsourcing), business development, and project governance to global customers with local needs. 



With our all-Inclusive solution, you´ll get everything you need to start, scaleup or develop your business in the Nordics. See us as your Nordic partner who sells, distribute and implement your solutions in the region.


We spent many years practicing international business development, identifying competition layers, establishing start-ups and building partnerships.


Get started, grow your business or simply just secure your presence, your decisions today will give you traction tomorrow.


Our sales accelerator service will secure your success. 

We will help you to identify your core values, develop your sales pitch, measure your impact, create your metrics and align this with your corporate message.


This will help you to differentiate you from your competitors and boost your new start-up, establish your solutions on new markets or grow your existing business. It will for sure attract more customers and stakeholders.


If necessary, our partners will create or fine-tune your graphical profile in the meantime. Your sales material must highlight your value proposition and unique selling points, it should be attractive and be recognized through all necessary marketing channels.


We will offer to execute the full direct sales process, from planning and prospecting through negotiations to closing. (SalesProcessOutsouring)


If you want to sell through partners or MSPs we will help you to identify and qualify them so that they can deliver with brilliance. 


Business Development

 Get in to the details 

Professional services with a passion for business development and organisational impact.


We offer short- and long-term services with senior specialists where we secure your potential and establish your start-up or grow your business.


We have several years of experience from business and market development, process improvement and general management.


You will get access to a great mix of expertise from executive leadership to corporate ambassadors who can handle complex negotiations and impact your influence.


We can help you with go-to market strategies, first aid for start-ups with business development, pricing and payback analysis or just straight forward representation.


We focus on helping our customers to reach their customers and to solve specific problems where our management and specialists are needed.


We strive to do things smarter and find better ways every day, we have our own advisory board who help us to stay sharp and measure ourselves on the results we create.